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Why You Keep Dreaming About Your Ex (14 Obvious Reasons)



why you keep dreaming about your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend

Last Updated on May 19, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

A dream is a state of the subconscious mind. Your dream most times is a reflection of what you feed the mind with. The reason you dream about your ex boils down to so many factors.

Your previous relationship with your ex and your present relationship could link you to your ex making you miss your ex for reasons best known to you. These dreams can be annoying and hurtful especially if it was a toxic relationship you don’t want to remember.

If you are always dreaming of your ex and you keep wondering why. In this article, I will give you reasons you are still connecting with your ex in your dream.

14 reasons you are still in touch with your ex in your dreams

1. You are lonely

If you are feeling lonely, you have no partner at the present. You are home all day, this could lead to you dreaming of your ex, especially if you guys broke up not quite long. Their thoughts keep coming because you have no one to interact with or to share feelings with. You still have them locked up in your heart.

2. You are anxious

You are anxious

When you feel so anxious to be in a relationship at all costs or you are worried about your present relationship status; it could cause you to dream of your ex often.

3. You still have feelings for him

Feelings might take some time to fade off especially if it’s genuine. When your feelings for your ex are still intact you are likely to dream of your ex.

If you loved your partner that much, and you are still attached to them, you don’t want to let go or delete them from your mind, dreaming about them is sure to occur.

4. You miss them or they miss you

If you miss them or they miss you, maybe you spend time thinking about them or reminiscing on the good moment you guys shared together. It is also applicable to your ex, if they miss you alot and think of you too, they appear in your dreams. This shows that you are still in their heart.

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5. Your present partner reminds you of your ex

The person you are currently in a relationship which might have similar characteristics to your ex that you admire a lot. These features your present partner has with your ex will remind you of them, you begin to miss your ex and also dream of them too.

6. If you want them back or they want you back

If you are craving for your ex, you want to get back together with them and they also want to get back too, you might see them appearing in your dream. It indicates that you are still connected to each other and your feelings are still much alive.

7. If one of you is apologizing

If one of you feels sorry for the breakup, probably you are the reason for the breakup or your ex was the cause, you might have dreams of them apologizing in your dream. It shows they are sorry for how they treated you and they want you to forgive them.

8. You both have kids together

If you have a kid or two with your ex, you guys still share a connection because of your child. So there will be regular communication. You guys would see each other often, which could bring up your feelings for each other again.

9. If it was a toxic relationship

If the relationship with your ex was filled with pains, sorrow, and bad memories, it could be the reason you dream of them. This occurs especially if it was an abusive relationship where your partner abused you physically, emotionally, etc. A toxic relationship is very traumatizing, it takes time for one to get over it and be emotionally stable again.

10. If they were your first love


If your ex happens to be your first love, it will take you time to get them out of your mind. Most times we keep memories of those we fall in love with for the first time handy. Alot of people tend to hold the feelings so dearly. When it involves your first love that you have refused to let go of, they will keep coming to you in dreams.

11. If you guys are becoming friends again

If you guys decide to become casual friends again after the breakup, it might trigger those old feelings back. Friendship has been proven to be a good foundation for a good relationship, so your new friendship with your ex could make you guys fall in love again. Those early signs and feelings of love begin to show up, including having dreams about them.

12. Your Breakup Was Due To Outside Circumstances

Probably you guys broke up due to some external circumstances beyond your control. You never wanted to end the relationship but the forces against your relationship couldn’t let you guys be. Your feelings for each other were still there. Even after the breakup you still feel their absence and wish to reunite with them.

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13. Your Breakup Was On Amicable Terms

If you guys broke up peacefully without any fight or quarrel, you left each other in peace it could be the reason you dream about them. You didn’t offend each other so their thoughts are still in your mind.

14. There Was No Act Of Revenge

Revenge brings hatred. If you and your ex never revenge or fought back because you guys broke up. You still have your peace and you are at peace with each other. Most times we tend to dream of those we are at peace with.


Dreaming of your ex is not a crime neither is it wrong. So don’t bite yourself over it. It is natural to dream of people we had an encounter with. Just be calm, these dreams indicate either something positive or negative depending on what you dream of.

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